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Hi I’m Victoria, thanks for checking out my site. If you have a few minutes I’d like to tell you a little bit about my journey to Yoga.

I grew up in Southampton with my amazing and inspiring entrepreneurial family; my parents, stepfather and brothers are all self employed and wonderful role models for me.

My first memory of yoga was age 5, bolting home from school, donning one of my dancing leotards I would get in front of the TV and begin stretching, twisting and practicing ‘breath of a lion’ with 80’s star guru Lyn Marshall. At this age I just loved that all the poses were accessible to me, I was yet to discover the mind body connections and benefits!

In my teens I temporarily lost my connection with yoga but thankfully in my early 20’s I was reunited, a number of stressful life situations subconsciously led me back. I found that through practice I could relive stress, calm my thoughts, and gain perspective on life. Through a combination of yoga and travel to Asia my mind and heart was opened, I found my mojo and fell in love with life and learned how to just be, be me and be happy.

Physically yoga also continues to rescue me, I adore the ocean and always feel at home there, and whilst travelling in Vietnam I came across a super cool little windy beach full of kite surfers and windsurfers. Fascinated by the kite surfers I thought it would be a good idea to learn. I found myself being thrown all over the place and had quite a few injuries, I spent a fair amount of time on the beach waiting for the wind to come, stretching out my bones with yoga was an awesome way to recover, and on that beach I had an epiphany and decided to get qualified and teach. It felt like the right time. Initially I taught in Vietnam, Spain and Italy and finally returned to the UK in 2014.

Have you ever been to a yoga class and when you walk out you feel as if you are walking on a cloud, like you have been transported to a different realm of being, full of light and contentment and able to see all the wondrous things around you? I found this in my home town of all places with some awesome teachers, I wanted to be able to share this feeling with others and take them on a journey. This is part of what inspires me to continue to share and spread the yoga love.

After studying and experiencing more yoga I have benefited from the awesome physical effects it can offer, in particular with many different injuries and sports, I used to love running but always got injured now I am applying yoga to help me run injury free and with more stamina 😉

I continue to be fascinated by the mind body connection and I am passionate about helping people so I am forever seeking new knowledge and training, in 2016 I studied  with Katie Ellis, Yoga therapy for one to one sessions so that I can be of greater help to individuals with specific injuries or pain, be it physical or emotional.

My curiosity with the universal energy led me to Reiki in February 2015, and in 2016 I  became a Reiki II certified practitioner. To balance this I also went for a clear-cut qualification in understanding the physical and anatomical aspects of health and fitness, in 2015 I qualified as a Level 2 fitness trainer and Level 3 Personal trainer. In the interest of balance, and as Yoga has played a significant role in keeping my own spine flexible and strong I continued to seek out how Yoga can help keep your back healthy and to this day I am happy to say, my spine seems to be mobile and joyful !

I qualified as an Ashtanga teacher after taking an intensive course with David Swenson in Manchester in 2016, something I have been passionate about for years and now have the right tools to share it.

As an eternal knowledge seeker with a passion for yoga I am always reading, travelling and finding new courses to nurture my personal growth and love of yoga, so that I can share what I find with you my fellow yogis, and it was this that led me to an exception multi-level teacher training in Bali with Randall Simpson and Daniel Young from Abode yoga. This 250 hour training completed in July 2017 is without doubt the best thing that I have ever done in my life, I feel honoured to have experienced it and empowered to share abode yoga with you, from my heart through the earth with love.

Thank you so much for taking a few moments to read this, please email me if you have any questions or would like to know anything else.

Love & Light






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