Seeking balance

Sun and Moon seeking balance…. In our yoga practice and in our lives, we can observe the power of opposites. Yin and Yang, ebb and flow, contraction and expansion, effort and surrender – when we take a moment to step back and reflect on these opposites we can see the qualities and benefits of each … Continue reading Seeking balance


Only 7 weeks to Yoga & Ibiza

I'm so excited to be going back to Ibiza this year, especially with a fantastic group of yogis, with only 7 weeks left until we can be back on this gorgeous island to feel the energy, connect to the source and simply be. Practicing yoga outside, enjoying local food and meditating to the sunset. What … Continue reading Only 7 weeks to Yoga & Ibiza

Liquid fast

Most of us have tried juicing with Jason Vale or fasting 5:2 style for one reason or another, including me. However, I never considered fasting for my mind or even my mind-body connection, that is until now.  When H & I were in Bali our gorgeous mentor Randy who regularly does a liquid fast on … Continue reading Liquid fast

Surf lessons = life lessons

These posts are a little back dated but 'it's all gravy baby' I hope you enjoy ! Often things we learn can be quite challenging if it's not that something that comes naturally to us, surfing was included as part of this real yoga for real life course I have been submerged in for the … Continue reading Surf lessons = life lessons

Spinal assessments and baggy pants

Today has been another jaw dropping day of exploring the self and yoga, our sunrise practice which started at 5:30 was phenomenal today because it was intense monsoon style rain through out most of the practice, the energy within the group and the rain made our start to the day really special. Although it's been … Continue reading Spinal assessments and baggy pants

Street art & smoothies

Happy Friday you guys, hope it's been a good one for you, today was a pretty intense training day and we took on a lot of mind blowing stuff, so much so that I can really relay that here but I will at some stage. The highlight of my day today was a meditation that … Continue reading Street art & smoothies