Only 7 weeks to Yoga & Ibiza

I’m so excited to be going back to Ibiza this year, especially with a fantastic group of yogis, with only 7 weeks left until we can be back on this gorgeous island to feel the energy, connect to the source and simply be. Practicing yoga outside, enjoying local food and meditating to the sunset. What more could you ask for !

Although Ibiza may have a reputation as Party Central, it has always been a beacon for bohemians and artists decades before the ravers ever made their mark on its glittering shoreline.

Spiritual-seekers have long been attracted to the alternative vibes and magnetic beauty of the ‘White Island’. In the case of Es Vedrà, the magnetism is believed to be geological – this 400m-high limestone island off the southwest coast is venerated as one of the most magnetic places on earth and a centre for cosmic powers (although scientists may not agree).

Underpinning these energies is thought to be an unseen network of ley lines – channels of earth energies – as well as the ancient influence of the island’s goddess, Tanit, an earth mother and fertility deity. Add to this mystical mix a big dose of sunshine, glorious beaches, whitewashed villages and pine covered hills and you have yourself an awesome retreat to simply just be and enjoy being.

Interesting fact: Ibiza is a ‘Scorpio island’ (actually, a triple Scorpio astrologically speaking) which means she is capricious, volatile and like a magnifying glass for your experiences, feelings and emotions.

With one space left due to a last minute cancellation, there is still time if you fancy it.

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