Surf lessons = life lessons

These posts are a little back dated but ‘it’s all gravy baby’ I hope you enjoy !
Often things we learn can be quite challenging if it’s not that something that comes naturally to us, surfing was included as part of this real yoga for real life course I have been submerged in for the last few weeks.  It goes without saying that H and I had an absolute blast, not to mention getting some awesome technical tips from Daniel Young however, what did become apparent to each and everyone of us out there was that the things we struggled with in whilst trying to ride a wave, were an exact reflection of the things we struggle with in life and also it seemed on the course.


For me patience and trust were my biggest obstacles, I was in such a hurry to get up on the board that I found I often didn’t have the patience to wait for the right wave. When I did take my time, take a slow steady yogic breath and get centred on the board I was definitely making progress, the final piece of the puzzle was the trust element, trust in me and trust in the ocean that she was going to do her thing. Combining these two took me a little while but when I did I was up and surfing, loving every moment and feeling completely free and elated. Thanks Dan 😉

So for you guys who know me well, you will totally appreciate my struggle with trust and patience, with myself, with others. This was a profound and super cool lesson to experience and one that is part of my daily focus, I’m working on letting go of the outcome and just trusting that I have got this (whatever this may be) and all is good.


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