Spinal assessments and baggy pants

Today has been another jaw dropping day of exploring the self and yoga, our sunrise practice which started at 5:30 was phenomenal today because it was intense monsoon style rain through out most of the practice, the energy within the group and the rain made our start to the day really special.

Although it’s been a rainy day it’s still warm and we are studying so it’s been fine, we had philosophy this morning and an intensely fun afternoon on spinal assessments and alignment, looking at each other and feeling our spines, with a rocking teacher, Stella. We learnt some gorgeous techniques to help those of you with tight backs and hips, which I will be able to share with you if we are in a small group or doing 1:1s.

This morning one of our teachers told us a story while she was going through the chakra system, which made us all laugh so I hope I can relay it in the same way.

When she was only 20, she was house sitting for a family who had chickens and stuff, which her and a mate were supposed to be looking after. Only when she checked on them she was confronted by the site of a chicken in the jaws of a dog!! Without really thinking she managed to get the chicken out and took it under her coat to safety, the chicken wasn’t moving and had blood on it, all she could think of doing was giving it Reiki? Her mate was like, are you really going to do that, to which she replied sure why not I can’t think of anything else, so she was concentrating really hard and giving it Reiki, all the while with her eyes closed, then she started to hear the chicken clucking and starting to move, the blood seemed to have disappeared and the chicken was alive. They took the chicken to the vets who x-rayed it and all that stuff and he could see that the chicken had had major neck trauma and by rights shouldn’t be alive, but he survived and lets just say that was thanks to the power of Reiki x


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