Street art & smoothies

Happy Friday you guys, hope it’s been a good one for you, today was a pretty intense training day and we took on a lot of mind blowing stuff, so much so that I can really relay that here but I will at some stage.

The highlight of my day today was a meditation that Dan guided us through to close our day, if you can imagine yoga nidra led by a car that you have created yourself that would be somewhere close. It acted as a seeing self and healing self exercise and it was awesome. I could really feel the right and left side of my body as two completely separate things, which was really interesting.  However, after I felt completely calm, restored and relaxed which was extremely welcome. H and I then dashed off and devoured a gorgeous Balinese meal. Since we’ve been here we haven’t felt that hungry I think the quality of the ingredients is much more satisfying than the food at home, but today we were ravenous by the end of the day!

Below is a little snap shot of my day..

Good things are coming and I am enjoying the journey.



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