Bali breathing

This is Bali and yoga for me I love this little sign on the beach, I think maybe Dave and I should put the same thing up on our front gate in Saltburn 😉


This is our second day of a 2 and a half yoga practice from 5:30am – 8am, which means I need to get up before 5:30am, so at 5:10 my body was up, but I completely left my mind in bed and I didn’t really get together with it again until about 8:30am which strangely coincided with my coffee.. I know I am bad yogi but life is about balance.

Today we did a lot of breathing work, while we do practice ujjayi breath in class, this morning added a new dimension to that and how to introduce a number of different breaths thought the practice of yoga to facilitate going deeper in to our practice. I know that sounds vague but don’t worry we are going to do it when I get back so it will be fun and help you get more out of the session. Today I breathed in to place I didn’t know my breath could reach, it was mind blowing !

We also went through more physical aspects of the Abode yoga method and looked at our mindful nature. This is really interesting and I am sure lots of you would be curious to know more so click here. Although we went a little deeper in to this, this will give you a pretty good idea of what we were looking at today and it would be really interesting to know what you score.

There seem to be a few female emotions and hormones flying around today, so I went to the beach for sunset and just allowed the water and the waves to wash everything away.

Goodnight God Bless xxx


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