Training begins

Wow what a lot of notes we went through today, 5:30 yoga this morning lasted for 2 and a half hours, but totally didn’t feel like it. It was a very different yoga experience for me and really focused on being fully in the pose and present with the breath, a lot more than I would normally do. We started with a beautiful devotional practice and this set the theme for the day.

We explored a lot of the aspects of what “Abode” yoga is today, this is what I am training in, we touched on yoga philosophy and the roots of this more than 3500 years old tradition. It was lovely to spend the day with these guys and as part of our day we will always have a communal breakfast together, so it was a bit busy in the kitchen this morning with everyone finding their feet with what to make etc.

H and I went up for lunch to the Bali Bowls place which has an epic menu that isn’t on their website yet, there is also one in Ibiza so definitely going to make a visit there when we go in October.

I think one of the most difficult things for us today was sitting still for so may hours, meditation was very welcome at the end, a couple of girls had some real emotions come up for them in the mediation sessions, which was intense for them especially on the first day. H and I felt pretty balanced but afterwards we felt like we really needed to shake off some excess energy, so what did we do, we went to a vinyasa yoga class. 😉 Followed by Vietnamese food.

Sorry for the short one today but hopefully it will get more interesting as we progress. Oh yeah how could I forget, lizard poo updates, no one was injured today just the odd patch around the floor so all good on that front. xxx



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