Run, Yoga, no surf today

It’s been an strange sort of day for me, nothing bad just feel like I have done very much, for a yoga teacher I find it quite hard to be still and chill out sometimes, which is what I am hoping to be better at by the end of this month.

A few cool things that happened today though in our morning yoga class both H and I felt very emotional, another heart opening practice which really started to make feel open and like I was actually starting to get in my body again. You know when I am always telling you (if you come to my class) to be in your body, well sometimes I find this very hard to do for myself. Today was different and I felt very connected to everything in my body and around my body.  As well as picking up some amazeballs moves 😉 Oh yeah and lizard gate continues, today it was my turn, I thought I had strategically picked a good spot in the room but while I was in fish pose a lizard dropped one on foot, obviously I was totally cool about it.

This afternoon we started the process of orientation, we have all the dates for assessments and criteria, course content and schedule in more detail and a few house keeping bits and bobs. Tomorrow we will begin at 5:30am with a 2 hour practice followed by a 30 minute self practice, the flow of the day continues until 6:30pm so I imagine I might be a little bit dopey by tomorrow evening.

As part of our course we will be journalling daily about how we feel, energetically and how what we are doing is making us feel. For example what we eat and how it effects us, any activities we do and what happens in our bodies. I can’t wait to see what comes out of this as it’s something I have been meaning to observe for a long time. There is also a ceremony with a Balinese healer in week 3 which should be interesting and I will try and tell you all about it, although I have been told that what he does cannot be put in to words.

So for now lovely yogis goodnight, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.. (btw I have 2 cockroaches hanging out in my bathroom tonight)


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