Happy Mondays & temples on the coast

Today we had an Ashtanga creative flow practice with an absolutely beautiful Brazilian teacher who completely blew me and H away ! We took a heart opening journey and sweated, laughed, learnt a lot and tried some totally new things, I think we will all be getting cork blocks to try a few things on.  The class today was not what I would usually associate with Ashtanga because it wasn’t a strict series but it flowed fantastically and my heart body and soul felt open and cleansed. I am going back tomorrow to have a Hatha class with the same teacher, Angela. Then our training begins at 3pm so things will start to get a little more serious 😉 This little video clip is us waiting to go in to the yoga class this morning.

I have to say, the Lizard strikes again this morning, this time literally one or maybe two of them fell from the ceiling upon an unsuspecting yogi who actually jumped up yelping in the middle of the class. 🙂

After possibly a bit too much sun yesterday we stayed out of it a little today, we visited too temple sites on the beach which we pretty unusual, we managed to get the temple etiquette a little wrong though, we were convinced we had to wear something to cover knees and shoulders and a sarong (assumed this on our heads or shoulders). After the first temple a lady came running out to us and took the sarong off us and wrapped in around our waists and over our trousers ?!?!?! She then said put a T-shirt on, which we did but thought it was a bit odd.

We had coffee in a cafe called nude where the wifi password was skinny-dipping  which made me chuckle. H and I are becoming a wicked scooter duo and have been all over on it today, and we have been touring about looking for Bali street art.

H and I have been sharing room until today, now that our course is starting we have our own room for the next 25 days, it’s really weird but it feels like I have way too much space for one person and it’s way too quiet, however she is only in the next door room. Everyone has now arrived for the course, there are 6 of us which is the maximum for this training, one of the main reasons that I choose this course. We all met at dinner, Mandy and Natalie are Australian, Caroline is from Texas and Anya is from Germany. They all seem lovely and totally chilled which I think made H feel more relaxed.

So excited to get stuck in tomorrow, sleep tight yogis xx



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