Bliss beats & Bali waves, day 3

Today has been epic, I’m so so grateful to be here and to be able to have this opportunity to fully soak up Bali life and hopefully bring a little of it back to sunny sandy Saltburn!

Our third yoga practice so far and it rocked the most, with Carlotta  at 8:30am, vinyasa flow, with a couple of titibasana/firefly poses, check it out below guys.  This was one of those practices that makes you feel worked, woken up, ready for the world and totally at one with your body and mind. We are totally going to try this sequence when I get home, so will tell you more later, can’t wake for our next session on Tuesday. Although, I do have a little confession to make, whilst trying to stay totally in the zone when we were coming in to wild thing I was checking out the geckos on the roof, which I totally love and saw for the first time ever one of them drop a poo which landed either on the girl or her mat to the left of me. It was a day of many firsts starting with this.

Followed by the best coffee and breakfast bowl ever, which I think we should get Real Meals or someone on the Saltburn scene to create one for us. After which we felt fully empowered to hire a board and catch some waves, I was actually prepared to just playing about getting churned up by the waves without catching a thing, so I was totally off the charts ecstatic to get up more times than I have ever done before, if there is such a thing I would say i had a PB of waves today! We did obviously also wipe out loads, I have a sunburnt nose, and board burn or something like that on my knees, worth it though.

The rest of my day was spent absorbed in yoga books getting ready for tomorrow, drinking from coconuts and being served at a reggae beach bar by this smiling dancing balinese man without a set of bottom teeth!

On another note I have also go the day wrong, TT starts on Tuesday afternoon, my brain has totally gone on vacation lets hope it comes back soon, one more day of yoga, surf and Bali bliss ahead !! Namaste yogis x


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