Bali bliss day 2

After maybe not such a blissful sleep, I had had full intentions of getting up and going for a little jog before the day began to get too hot however, I just couldn’t get myself up this morning and by the time I got up it was 8am, OMG what is happing here I am truly in chill out mode. H and went for coffee at the end of our little drive and I have to say the coffee here really does kick arse, I love it!

We went for our second yoga session at Desaseni this time Vinyasa flow with Bernd, it was great fun and picked up something really inspiring words and a posture that is new to me, or at least the full version anyway; peacock pose,  Check it out, I don’t think we’ll go all the way class but might do some of the awesome wrist warm ups and get the fire going in your belly.  This place we have been going to for yoga is so incredibly peaceful, theres a few pictures below from this morning.

We had a pretty chilled day after that, found a nice spot for a cheeky bit of brunch, then headed down to the beach for a beach walk littered with a bit of temple spotting, we only probably did about 5-6k but it was totally blissful, drinking coconut, watching the sunset, having the most delicious fruit. Particularly dragon fruit which is my all time favourite fruit, so I am totally blown away that I can eat it so fresh and cheap here. H and watched a lot of big waves and surfers today, so tomorrow no plans apart from yoga in the morning and surf and chill for the rest of the day. Oh yeah and prepare for my training on Monday 😉


Almost forgot this is our pool –


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