Bali – day 1

To be honest it’s day 2, but we arrived at 23:00 last night so we didn’t really get much of Bali on the first day. Our journey here was really smooth and Emirates took awesome care of us, so we arrived feeling pretty good. Our 8 hour stop over in Dubai was a breeze because we booked a fly n sleep cabin so we could bunk down and get some quiet z’s.

When we arrived at the airport in Bali I was blown away by how gorgeous it was, when I travelled here last time, 7 years ago it was much more of a shack style airport and not that impressive, now it almost looks like a temple!

H & woke up this morning at 9:30!! wow I hardly ever sleep that late, so pleased we have got straight into the Bali groove and time zone, wondered a little way up the street and had a killer coffee, found our beach and surf board hire, got a great rate on changing our cash, hired a bike for the month and thought wicked we are all set and good to go! When I checked out the map I thought we might be able to bomb down to Uluwatu beach, google maps said it was only an hour away, however I completely forgot I would have to go via Kuta and how mental busy it was there.. using my sense of direction as oppose to a map H & I found we were still going 90 minutes later, after a brief lunch pitstop at The Batch  we decided to check out a map and realised we hadn’t gone even half way there. Our journey back to Villa Ricko, Canguu took us another hour or so after we eventually decided to ask google maps for help, but not before we were stopped by some police hoping for penalty money, ovs we didn’t cave..

My highlight of today has got to be between meeting Randy and Daniel, who will be hosting H and I during our Yoga Teacher  Training  and sunset at DesaSeni, with Eka Septifana. Just what we needed after a long bike ride, so now I feel well and truly chilled out and happy just to be here getting into the right head space for the start of our training on Monday.


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