Part 3/10 Asteya: Nonstealing – balance out the energy ….

This is number 3 of 10, and talks a little about the 3rd Yama from the yoga sutras.

Don’t steal, the Yoga Sutra says, and all good things will come to you. Asteya is commonly translated to mean don’t take anything that is not freely offered, most of us aren’t thieves and most people assume this to be money, clothes, food, and other tangible stuff. But take a closer look and there’s more to asteya than material things.

You can steal someone’s time if you are late.

You can steal someone’s energy.

You can steal someone’s happiness.

You can steal someone else’s ideas if you represent them as your own.

Asteya also encourages us to keep that balance of things, if you take some ones energy how can you give the right amount back? If everything is interconnected, whatever you receive is taken from somewhere else.

To invite asteya into your life, consider what you truly need and refrain from letting your desires runaway with you. Respect the time and energy of others, give credit where credit is due, and see if you can help build up the world’s kindness reserves by giving more than you take. The practice of asteya asks us to look at where we hoard or have greed and reminds us of the nonmaterial richness of our lives. It engages us with the perfectly imperfect reality of the moment. Practicing asteya on the mat will help you explore the small ways you withhold care and respect from yourself. The result is a deeper and more honest relationship with life that no one can take away from you.


Asteya on your mat:

  • Arrive to class with ample time to set up and settle in.
  • Consider declining that “one more vinyasa” invitation—what’s it like to slow down and do less?
  • Do you steal from one pose and hurry to the next ?
  • If you compare yourself to others try to stop and appreciate every ones differences, if everyone in class was a fruit, would a banana wonder why a grape didn’t look the same?
  • Your body is unique so enjoy your yoga and make the pose fit your body, feel good in your own personal downward dog.
  • If your mind wonders off in class, try to bring it back and get a sense of feeling it when you come back and enjoy the sensation of being fully present.

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