Part 2 Satya – Truthfulness

The second Yama is Satya: truthfulness

The Yoga Sutra holds truth among the highest of ideals. Many interpretations promise that once you’re fully vested in satya, everything you say will come to be realised.

Satya requires that you consider both the spoken and unspoken aspects of your words. You don’t want to mislead through omission; neither do you have to say everything that’s on your mind—especially if it’s hurtful. A bit like ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all’. Instead, try not to gossip and speak only of the most positive things. Use your words to uplift whoever you are interacting with. When you do, you elevate yourself in the process.

Many spiritual seekers find that spending time in silence helps them notice the distinction between opinions and reality. Slowing down your internal chatter can help ground you in satya. You can take time to establish a way of interacting with the world that includes both ahimsa and satya, both peacefulness and truthfulness.

Mudra: Kali Mudra

Come into Kali Mudra, named after the fierce goddess Durga. Both Kali and Durga are manifestations of the goddess Mahadevi. Durga represents the empowerment that enables us to stand in our truth. Bring the hands together with all fingers save your index fingers interlaced. The index fingers represent the sword of Durga, who slays illusions.

Use this mudra in crescent lunge and warrior 1 or just enjoy it in tadasana or a simple cross-legged position.



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